Say Goodbye To Starving, Artists

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#1: Artists As Entrepreneurs

For the first time in history, artists no longer need to be ‘discovered’ to find success. Gone are the days of waiting for a label to ride in on a white horse and save you from your suffering. No, Everything you need to be a successful artist is now available to you (thank you internet and technology!). In a way, things are a lot easier but change doesn’t come without hurdles. What used to be the responsibility of a record label team is now the responsibility of the artist. The secret to success in today’s music industry is understanding that to be an artist, is to be an entrepreneur. Parke Ave is here to equip artists with the tools they need to navigate through the industry as a professional. Say farewell to the starving artist you used to know and say hello to the dawn of a new era - welcome to the creative revolution. 

#2: No More Competing

Step one to being a successful business is letting go of a ‘scarcity’ mindset. (What is that?) A scarcity mindset is a belief that there is not enough wealth to go around. This has been a deeply ingrained belief OF artists due to the literal lack of mainstream opportunities available in the past. However, Now the market of opportunity has opened and it’s time we start building each other up as peers, not treating one another as competition. We are lucky to live in a time where opportunities are plentiful and the more we work together, the more we can achieve our goals. 

#3: Know Your Worth

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is assessing your value and price point. How do you calculate your skill into service? How do you when it’s time to start charging more? Are you setting yourself back by charging too much? It’s important when making decisions about money to take a step back and view your art objectively. What value, outside of being a badass musician, do you provide? How long of a set can you play? Are you open to performing covers? Do you have your own PA? Can you offer a great promotion for your client? All of these details determine your price point. You may be setting yourself back and hurting your reputation by demanding a top-notch paycheck for under-market value. Parke Ave is a community of hard-working musicians who help each other reach their full potential. Discuss topics like this and more by joining our private online community at

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